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The best deal in RIA tech

We've partnered with the leading providers of RIA tools to offer a bundled tech suite at a great price.

The power of group buying

Great things happen when people come together and negotiate a deal with the power of community (aka, they purchase in bulk).

We negotiated the deals

Tech vendors want to be part of the bundle so that more RIA firms use their tools.

We tell you about the savings

You get to take advantage of the bundle and lower your cost of doing business as an independent RIA.

You can't believe how good it is!

And yet! It's right here for the taking. Just $29 a month to join and start saving hundreds.

How it works

As an advisor, you're probably using 10+ tools to run your practice. From CRM to financial planning to marketing, our bundled suite of tools consists of the ones you're probably already using (or should be using! We picked them because they're the best in the market).

By signing up with ProAdvisorSuite™ you can save on your existing tech, and also take advantage of better pricing on the new tools you've been eyeing.

Our current tech partners:

The more you use the more you earn

0-4 tools


off every single one of them

5-8 tools


off every single one of them

9+ tools


off every single one of them

(Since we're all numbers people, we'll leave you to calculate your potential savings. Come back here when you're ready).



Become a member today and start your savings!

For just $29 a month you can save hundreds on the tools you're already using. Sounds like a no brainer to us!

You got questions? We got answers

Yes. You’ll get a discount for both new services that you subscribe to through our platform and also for vendors you’re currently using.

There’s a membership fee of $29 /month, which will pay for our team so you can save hundreds per month.

As part of our deal with the vendors, we have a dedicated rep at each company that works with us to apply the discount to your account. When you add and verify your account, we reach out to them and ask them to apply the discount.

We try to get it done within 2-3 days.

Who is behind this brilliant idea?

Well, that would be me. My name is Joe Moss, I'm an RIA operator, connector, and industry person. I've been working with advisors for many years, and the topic of technology cost has come up often. I decided to do something about it.

Coming soon!

Pro Advisor Vendor Due Diligence™

(We're still working on the name)

The SEC is about to roll out new requirements for independent RIA firms that will put a burden on how you select vendors, but no worries, we've got you covered. Every vendor in our bundle will go through a due diligence process with us and we will sign off on them.

We've partnered with the leading providers of RIA tools to offer a bundled tech suite at a great price.

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This Participating Vendor Agreement is entered into by and between ProAdvisorSuite™ and Vendor.

WHEREAS, PAS is in the process of establishing a tech bundling offer for Registered Investment Advisors, wherein RIAs become members and receive discounts across all vendor participants;
WHEREAS, Vendor wishes to participate as a provider in the tech bundling offer and offer discounts on its services/products to members of PAS;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and covenants contained herein, PAS and Vendor (collectively referred to as the "Parties") agree as follows:
This Participating Vendor Agreement is entered into by and between ProAdvisorSuite™ and Vendor.
1. Participation and Discounts:
1.1 Vendor agrees to provide a discount of up to 20% on its services/products to RIAs who are members of PAS and meet the specified usage criteria, as described in the email communication and subject to modification by mutual agreement.
1.2 The discount structure for RIAs is as follows:
- If an RIA uses 0-4 of the providers, they shall receive a 10% discount across those four.
- If an RIA uses 5-8 providers, they shall receive a 15% discount.
- If an RIA uses 9 or more providers, they shall receive a 20% discount.

2. Dedicated Representative:
2.1 Vendor shall provide a dedicated representative who will serve as a point of contact for PAS and its members.

3. Participation Fee:
3.1 Vendor shall pay a monthly participation fee of $1,000 to PAS, payable within 15 days of receiving an invoice from PAS.

4. Integration and Dashboard:
4.1 Vendor shall cooperate with PAS to facilitate the integration of Vendor's services/products into PAS's dashboard system, where RIAs will indicate their usage of Vendor's services/products.
4.2 Vendor acknowledges that RIAs will have the option to switch to Vendor's services/products to unlock additional discounts, as described in the email communication.

5. Term and Termination:
5.1 This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and continue in force until terminated by either Party upon 30 days' written notice.
5.2 In the event of termination, Vendor shall fulfill any outstanding obligations for discounts to RIAs who have already qualified.

6. Confidentiality:
6.1 Both Parties shall keep confidential any non-public information exchanged during the course of this Agreement.

7. Governing Law:
7.1 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New York, without regard to its conflict of laws principles.

8. Entire Agreement:
8.1 This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and supersedes all prior oral or written agreements, understandings, or representations.